As per Canada Revenue Agency, “If you are carrying on a business or engaged in a commercial activity in Canada, you are required by law to keep adequate records”. Regardless of the size of your business activities, Matin Accounting will help you setup, operate or improve your recordkeeping system.

  • If you are a growing business and just realized the necessity of recordkeeping, we will assist you to setup your bookkeeping system. Matin Accounting will introduce affordable solutions, provide the required training and help you to manage your own bookkeeping system.
  • If you are considering switching to a different software for bookkeeping, we will cooperate with you to manage and operate this transfer process smoothly and confidently.
  • If you just need to outsource your bookkeeping to a specialist, Matin Accounting is pleased to serve you on or off site. We will be in touch with you continuously throughout the year to provide required reports which help you in managing your business.  

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